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Frequently Asked Questions

What do you charge for an initial consultation?

Nothing. Our first meeting is free, but the duration is to be determined by the attorney conducting the consultation. The limited free consult gives you and our attorneys an opportunity to exchange details and get to know each other before you decide to hire us, and we decide to take your case.

Do I even need a divorce attorney?

We recommend that everyone consult with an attorney before obtaining a divorce as a divorce is a complex legal proceeding.  You need to know your rights and responsibilities before making any decisions.

How long does it take to get divorced?

The length of your case will depend on the size of your estate and the number of issues involved.  The average cases in South Florida which are not settled take at least one year to complete.  Cases involving business valuation take longer.

Who decides how to divide marital property?

Florida law encourages settlement between you and your spouse and we will assist you in the division of your property and liabilities.  If you and your spouse are unable to agree, we will also assist you with the presentation of your case to the court who will make the final determination.

How much will my divorce cost?

There is no way for an attorney to predict with any degree of certainty the total cost of your divorce.  The more issues you settle, the less expensive it will be.  The retainer paid at the commencement of the case is NOT the total fee you will pay.  Divorce attorneys charge based on the amount of time they spend on your case.  We provide detailed statements to you on a monthly basis.  To minimize your fees and costs, follow all instructions promptly and work to resolve issues with your spouse with the guidance of your attorney.

I’m already divorced but I’ve lost my job. Can I get a change in my support award?

Like most questions in the law, the answer to this one is very fact dependent.  You can not voluntarily quit your job and then hope to get a modification of support.  If you have lost your job and are currently receiving or paying alimony or child support, contact one of our attorneys for a consultation to discuss your options.