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We find ourselves in unprecedented times. Not just in the legal community, but in essentially all walks of life and business. The COVID-19 pandemic has swept the globe, leaving few if any sectors of our personal and professional lives unaffected. Staying healthy and...

It is Your Divorce, Not Your Children’s Divorce

We all know that children are affected by the divorce of their parents.  However, divorcing parents should minimize the children’s exposure to issues of the divorce. There may be strong feelings and animosity between the spouses, but the children should not be forced...

Is “Foreseeable” “Anticipated” in Alimony Modifications?

Modification of an award of alimony requires a change in circumstances.  For many years, the Florida Supreme Court has required that this change in circumstances be substantial, involuntary, and permanent in nature and not contemplated at the time of the support...

It’s All in a Name

When you got married, it seemed simple to change your name.  You showed your marriage license to the entity and it was taken care of. Now that you are getting divorced, you aren’t certain if you want to change your name in the divorce.  You think “If I decide to...

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